CANNIBAL OX: ‘Harlem Knights’ (2015) + London show 15 July

Harlem Knights video Cannibal OxBlimey get your skates on, the last truly great underground hip-hop crew of the 90s/ noughties explosion, Cannibal Ox are playing the Big Smoke tomorrow night to promote their Blade Of The Ronin LP, this year’s epic follow-up to 2001’s The Cold Vein. The monkey can vouch that they’re definitely worth a look having caught them in the Little Smoke last week. To whet your appetite here’s the new video to Harlem Knights – the ‘first official visual representation’ of the band in fourteen years. Like the music, little seems to have changed with both Vast Aire and Vordul Mega apparently little touched by the ravages of time as they grimly represent their ‘hood, Harlem. Take note of the visage of Vordul in particular since, if you go to the London gig and note a tall gentleman stood at the merch stall looking like a cross between someone who’s just been told that the beer is off and a brooding Avon Barksdale off The Wire it might very well be him.

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