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CALIBRO 35 vs BEASTIE BOYS: Sabotaggio (2015) Free download

Sabotaggio Calibro 35 Beastie BoysI bet you can’t guess what this is. No it’s not a mirage – Italian mod-crime-funkers Calibro 35 have appropriated the acapella from one of the Beasties’ most notorious tracks – a certain shouty guitar-fest on Ill Communication (which harked back to a whole album of shouty guitar-fests on Licensed To Ill) and created their own edgy psych-funk backing track. Some might view that as sabotage. Or if you’re Italian – sabotaggio. Others will see it as a highly creative re-imagining. But that’s enough from the monkey – I’m out and I’m gone – cop it below and keep it on and on…

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