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CALIBRO 35: Vendetta/ You Filthy Bastards (2014) + video

Vendetta Calibro 35Italian outfit Calibro 35 strike again with the garagey crime-funk of Vendetta (the love child of the Get Carter theme and Dennis Coffey’s Scorpio) and the slower-paced You Filthy Bastards. Film-score-tastic! Let’s have another excellent video to back it up! It’s the seventies – a gang of feckless boys enter an abandoned factory where they discover a trunk and musical equipment under wraps. There’s only one thing to do! Lock one of your mates in the trunk and get those instruments out. Oh shit! The owners are back. But little Paolo’s still in the trunk. Fuck Paolo! Let’s run. Oh shit! They’ve discovered Paolo and…is that a pistol? There’s only one thing to do! Rush the bastards, clobber them, shoot the baddies, then celebrate by playing their instruments. But what’s this? Now the boys are the band as adults. Now they’re boys again. Adults. Boys. Adults. What? Someone bring in the big Ennio Morricone finale…
(Out now on Record Kicks)

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