CALIBRO 35: The Butcher’s Bride/ Get Carter (2014) + video

Butchers Bride Get Carter Calibro 35Italian modsters Calibro 35 deliver a new double A-side shortly consisting of the sort of cheery hammond shenanigans that Big Boss Man aren’t doing at the minute and then catch the train to 70s Gateshead with a guitar-n-breaks heavy cover of the theme from Get Carter. The former, Butcher’s Bride, is punctuated by saucy, breathy and increasingly excited female ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ while the latter conveys all the menace and impending sense of doom that England’s north typically conjures. If you’re a Home Counties Tory. If you’re not, then it’s a paradise for those who like to throw rich businessmen off the top of brutalist multi-storey car parks. We’ve all been there…Players below plus yet another slice of excellent retro Italo-mod/crime-themed video for Butcher’s Bride. It’s all about the double cross!
(Out 6 October on Record Kicks)

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