CALIBRO 35: Bandits On Mars (2015) + video

Bandits On Mars Calibro 35It’s all about the dirty space-funk round Calibro 35‘s way these days. And when I say their ‘way’ I mean – right about round Mars way. Oohh – heads up – bandits dead ahead. Bandits On Mars. Big scary ones, toting wah-wah pedals set to kill, enough breaks to knock a planet off its axis and guitars with the power to open a singularity. It’s like funk against the machine out there! CLBR 35 is on the flip but what that sounds like is still on the downlow. Gotta keep something back or the engines willnae be able to take it captain! Look out for new LP S.P.A.C.E., soon. More superb retro futuristic video biznizz below player…
(Out 16 October on Record Kicks)

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