C.J. PLUS: Ukraine In Grooves (2017)

C.J. Plus: Ukraine In Grooves[RATING: 5] Ukrainian producer C.J. Plus hits the nail on the head once again with mini-LP Ukraine In Grooves as he re-tools obscure 70s Ukrainian cuts for both the heads and the b-boys. In other words you get to lap up the psych, funk, soul and folk influences on this while cruising in the lowrider and later on when you get your uprock on. Highlights (though it’s all strong stuff) include opener Kalyna which turns on filthy ‘black rock’-style guitar and psych vox, Vizerunky which pits horns and crazy folk-psych keys against rolling breakbeats and the uptempo Vesna which is surely a shoe-in for this year’s Battle Of The Year or Floor Wars. Also included on the release (and bringing the total number of tracks up to nine) are two numbers from fellow Odessa producer Purgatory Of Souls whose Knight Of The Brush and Evening dovetail perfectly with the vibe since they also sample Ukrainian rare groove and complete a trio of downtempo bumps that end the release as they follow-on immediately from C.J. Plus’s own beautiful downtempo number Kolyskova. All that and it’s available on a ‘name your price deal’ too! Boom.
(Out now on ODBEATS)

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  1. I am very happy these remixes were finally released as an official LP, as I’ve enjoyed many retro-Eastern Block compilations, and know many of the originals (mostly by legendary Ivasiuk), but Plus is the one who did it: crazy psych-pop revitalized with Groove. Way to go, my Summer soundtrack is served! Wish you try it too – ur life will never be the same $)

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