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BURGUNDY BLOOD MEETS MONGRELS: …In The Pop Wilderness (2016)

In The Pop Wilderness Burgundy Blood MongrelsIt’s underground hip-hop agogo …In The Pop Wilderness as veteran Mancunian emcee Burgundy Blood (fresh from fluffing the crowd for the Wu-Tang on the recent UK tour) meets Mongrels – a.k.a. another Brit-rap vet., Sheffield rapper Kid Acne, and Sebash of undergound 80s/90s NYC outfit New Kingdom. The pop wilderness of the title seems to be located somewhere around the Peak District, was given its name by Bee Gees and involves a deer being buggered with a pineapple by the sound of things. It’s the only sane conclusion anyone who has read the PR blah and watched the promo video (see below) could possibly come to. Apparently there’s also an eight-track EP involved – only 100 copies available and on the devil’s technology that we used to call the ‘cassette tape’. Expect lo-fi boom-bap beats and rhymes like, “Ultramagnetic cock diesel Catweazle/ Say it with flowers and a ferret down your trousers/ Wowzers!.” And I’m suddenly reminded of that old conversation between a young boy and his father:
“Dad – what’s that dark place over there?”
“That’s the north son – you must never go there…”

(Out now on Invisible Spies)

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