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BRONX SLANG: The Bronx Kill Mixtape (Free download)

BRONX SLANG: The Bronx Kill Mixtape[RATING: 5] Having judged the middle of an ongoing pandemic not quite the best time to be releasing an LP, Bronx Slang – a.k.a. Jerry Beeks and Ollie Miggs – nevertheless unleash more hip-hop commentary from the frontline with their straight dope Bronx Kill Mixtape. And it is a veritable verbal broadside against the racist hate, oppressive brutality and catastrophic incompetence that rears its head whenever shit hits fan and desperate humans seek comfort in the political snake oil of populist spivs. As ever, the pair deliver this with black humour over fat boom-bap beats that are by turns atmospheric and funky, courtesy of veteran UK producers Jadell and Fake Blood. It’s a powerful combination harking back once again to the glory days of P.E. and KRS-One and a spoken interlude within the tape’s eighteen minute length implies it is very much a ‘preview’ of next year’s forthcoming LP (entitled Bronx Kill, one suspects) which, if so, promises to be an even more explosive affair than debut Bronx Slang sample lyric – “Evangelicals are claiming I’m praying to Satan/ Cuz I turned apostles into fans when my gospel had ’em oscillating.” Cop the mixtape off the player below.
(Out now on Fabyl Recordings)

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