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BRONX SLANG: Run Away Sucker

BRONX SLANG:  Run Away Sucker[RATING: 5] Shhh! What’s that sound? Rolling boom-bap drums? Cavernous funk bass? Muted squalls of taut guitar lurking in the background and a tag team of veteran MCs on the mic? Prepare yourself for more gritty NY boom-bap as Bronx Slang follow Well Well Well with next single Run Away Sucker both of which are taken from their forthcoming self-titled debut album. Bronx Slang are of course Ollie Miggs of Shootyz Groove and Jerry Beeks which means a cast-iron guarantee of heavy beats and tight rhymes – “Fish are swimmin’ in the Hudson next to missing women/ There’s always something to reckon even before the beginning.” Yes, Bronx Slang is very much in the room. Hide away sucka!
(Out 1 February on Fabyl)

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