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BRONX SLANG: More Grief[RATING: 5] Bronx Slang’s Jerry Beeks and Ollie Miggs finally do the decent thing and release one of the highlights of their excellent self-titled LPMore Grief – and if you’re sick of Trump’s shit this is definitely the track for you. Full of righteous fury, the track finds Beeks take the vocal lead and throw down more dope rhymes than the average emcee manages in a whole LP over a Jadell beat carved from Barbara Acklin’s epic and appropriately named 70s funk track I Can’t Do My Thing. Anyone missing Public Enemy’s (f)ire from back in the day could do a lot worse than check this out – “My hands can’t grasp, my arms they can’t reach/ The government wants war for people who want peace…the game’s still playin’ beware the po-lice/ While my brain is still sayin’ prepare for more grief.” A respectable collection of accompanying remixes come from Cut Beetlez, Si Spex and Nick Faber but the LP version is still the don by far.
(Out 18 October on Fabyl)

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