BRONX SLANG: Happens A Lot

BRONX SLANG: Happens A Lot[RATING: 5] Damn there’s some good hip-hop around at the minute! Oh you forgot hip-hop could be good? Yeah – well, these days, it happens a lot – which also just happens to be the title of Bronx Slang’s contribution to the goodness as well as being the next single to be lifted off their forthcoming second LP. Oh you forgot they had a new LP on the way? Well Jerry Beeks and Ollie Miggs know it’s been what you might call a news-filled year so this here is to remind you what you’ve been missing – to wit – lyrical dexterity and fat beats. Enter mic maestros Beeks and Miggs with the former (skewering the ups and downs of a hip-hop career in the process) and producer Fake Blood (a.k.a. The Wiseguys’ Theo Keating, no less!) to drop the real shit when it comes to the latter. Splendiferous syllables over drum dopeness, then. And those horns under the hook. Glorious!
(Out now on Fabyl Recordings)

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