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BREAKBEAT PARADISE: Funk Originals (2017)

Breakbeat Paradise is a label which has made a name for itself over the last decade and more by providing party breakbeat junkies with all manner of musical goodies, not a few of which have made cheeky usage of samples borrowed from the golden era of syncopated soul. Now the label is returning the favour to the funk with an EP of all-original 70s-style tracks. Aptronymically entitled Funk Originals, said twelve inch allows ample room for veteran German outfit Grand Slam to unleash the disco boogie, Switzerland’s Grand Mother’s Funck to offload the funk fusion, Greek outfit NASA Funk to pop-out the p-funk (Georges Perin on vox; produced by Basement Freaks!) and the UK’s Man About A Dog to let loose the frantic latin-funk. An international affair then and funky in anyone’s neck of the woods.
(Out 3 March on Breakbeat Paradise)

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