BREAKBEAT PARADISE: Breakin’ The Riddim Vol. 4

Breakin’ The Riddim Vol. 4 BBPAfter a two year hiatus, the Breakbeat Paradise label returns with the latest instalment of its reggae-breakbeat compilation series, Breakin’ The Riddim Vol. 4. This time it’s a seven-tracker and the personnel are Jayl Funk, Badboe, Funkin Basstards, Pecoe, Towlie DJ, Clairvo and Funkinright. ‘Boe, Clairvo and Funkinright all take the skanking bassfunk route and leaven their offerings with some degree of wobble and/or buzzsaw synth bass. Meanwhile, Pecoe and Towlie DJ both deliver cuts that, like Funkinright’s, feature dancehall vocals but unlike Funkinright’s feature them over a funky breaks beat. That just leaves Funkin’ Basstards and Jayl Funk who take the old school route with breakbeat offerings of old reggae cuts – in the FB’s case from a rootsier source and in Jayl Funk’s case from an early reggae cut which is probably why his one, Come On Little Girl, is not only this release’s opener but the monkey’s favourite track on it.
(Out 1 July on BBP)

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