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BREAKBEAT PARADISE: Breakin’ The Riddim Vol. 3

BREAKBEAT PARADISE: Breakin’ The Riddim Vol. 3A bit later than last year’s Vol. 2, Vol. 3 of Breakbeat Paradise’s bashment breaks crossover comp. Breakin’ The Riddim has arrived with ten tracks to tun up the dancefloor. Twice as long as the initial volume and very slightly lighter than last year’s Vol. 2 the comp. sees a host of the usual suspects return: Cockney Nutjob, Fredy High and Basschimp (who’ve featured on both previous volumes) along with Clairvo, Pecoe, Bezwun, Liberty Chaps and Ocelus who’ve featured on one previous volume apiece. These are joined by newbies Venture & Capital and Mined & Forrest for ten collisions of bashment and breakbeat music. The flavour is majority characterised by ghetto-funky wobbly bass (though Basschimp adds some 140 bpm dnb stylings) but it is some of the least wobbly cuts that stand out most. Ocelus’ closing Steppas Dub is a rather hypnotic, Clairvo’s Hold That Back provides some (relative) 98 bpm chill and, arguablly best, Fredy High goes full old school skanking cool with Ragga Stevie G.
(Out now on BBP)

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