THE BREAKBEAT JUNKIE & DJP: Goodgroove Artist Series no. 10

Bath’s Goodgroove label lives up to it’s name once more and shows hip-hop producers the way back to the dancefloor. The recipe is simple, take one old school hip-hop acapella circa 1985, take one old funk loop circa 1967-1975, forgo the tired ‘dusty breaks’-re-creation-of-1992-approach and instead apply muscular 21st century club vibe instead. Retaining the breakbeat (correctly) it also chucks in a few house-production flourishes. Not the shit vocoder-vocals and cheesy electro synths of – well, pretty much anyone in the mainstream (a.k.a. trying to sound like Kanye trying to sound like Daft Punk) but something more primal – along the lines of ‘cut beat out, bring in euphoric swell, raise to crescendo, re-introduce beat to crowd going crazy, girls throwing underwear around. Think I can probably live with that.
(Out 12 October 2009 on Goodgroove)
(PRESS RELEASE) The Northern boys got funk! United by making dancefloor bombs DJP & The Breakbeat Junkie can sure cut a fine rug when it come down to it. ‘Rock The Place’ is a big old school flavour club track with breaks, horns and a big ass vocal to boot. ‘Take You Back’ does what it says and stops around sugarhill gangs time, this track is already a favourite at the prolific Jellyjazz nights and is set to stay in many a DJ’s bag for a longtime to come. ‘Old Skool’ this lets the boys show you what they can do, top hip hop vibe with plenty of, you guessed it, FUNK!
THE BREAKBEAT JUNKIE & DJP: Goodgroove Artist Series no. 10 – Tracklist:
A1. Rock The Place
B1. Take You Back
B2. Old School

Listen to Goodgroove Artist Series no. 10 (DJP vs. The Breakbeat Junkie)

Goodgroove – Myspace

The Breakbeat Junkie – Myspace

DJP – Myspace

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