BOCA 45: Soul On Top (2015)

Soul On Top Boca 45[RATING: 5] Here’s seven inches of Boca 45 then. That’ll be new wax 45 Soul On Top of course. Oh I’m sorry – were you thinking of something else? Never mind – our man’s new single is still pretty filthy as he gets Kiwi soulman Louis Baker to flex his pipes most ably over loose breaks augmented by fat bass, chanking guitar, sexy sax and the odd bit of old school hip-hop styling. If only there were something appropriate for the b-side. But there is! Happily the clattery breaks and hypnotic Mexican-themed b-boy funk of Boca oldie Diego’s Theme have been dusted off for the flip. Caramba!
(Pre-order now from 45 Live Records)

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