BOCA 45: Boca’s BBQ Bangers (2015)

Boca's BBQ Bangers Boca 45I smell something in the air – you know it smells like barbecue! It’s Boca 45’s barbecue to be precise and he’s cooking bangers – funky, psych, soul bangers with hip-hop and reggae reggae sauce on the side. Mmm – you know that shit is going to be both phat and sizzling as the Bristol legend mixes up many flavours of dancefloor heaters and surefire classics on the grill. Positively dripping with goodness, Boca’s BBQ Bangers is a limited edition (100 only) mix cd and that is the only format on which it is being released.
(Out w/c 13 July on Big Cartel)

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