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BOCA 45: Boca Beats The Blues 45 Mix (2017)

boca-beats-the-blues-boca-45-mixThe weather’s terrible, you’ve been back at work a day but it feels like you never left and the year’s most depressing day is still a fortnight away. Whatever is going on? Oh. You’ve got the blues haven’t you? What you need is something to beat the blues. Something to send them back where they came from with a big bloody flea in the ear. Something like…er….like…ah!! Like Boca 45‘s new Boca Beats The Blues 45 mix! One man, two turntables and a microphone (no, he’s not rapping), a mixer and space echo plus lashings of funk, soul, boogaloo and old school hip-hop.
(Out now HERE)

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