BO SARIS: She’s On Fire (2012)

He’s not shitting you. She is on fire. This is dirt, pure and simple. Meet Dutchman Bo Saris. And damn if he isn’t on fire too. Why? Have a listen to this supersweet stripped-down Marvin-style soul burner and you tell me. ‘She’, by the way is man’s ruin incarnate – the sort of woman who makes a man crawl over hot coals and thank her for the burns. You know the one I mean. This is the second quality slice of fuck-music it’s been my good fortune to happen across in the last week but also – play it at the right minute, djs, and it’ll be the equivalent of a pheromone dirty bomb on the dancefloor. Should cause a bit of havoc. This 12″ also comes with a dnb mix from Calibre and follows up the 10″ released in June with Maya Jane Coles house mix. This is crying out to have a thunderous great reverbed-out breakbeat mix too – if anyone’s got a minute to do the decent thing…
(Out now on Bo Rush)

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