BLOWN CELEB: ‘Marathon Man’ video (2013)

If your band is called Blown Celeb and your track Marathon Man is not about how long you last in bed, some people might view that as a missed opportunity. But nothing is quite what it seems here. For a start the producer behind the hypnotic porn-rap beat is Ugly Duckling’s Young Einstein of all people – though when one rapper, Jon E Rockwell (a.k.a Roc Holliday), is unmasked as Dizzy Dustin – that might not be such a surprise. The other rapper is Swiss Precise and between them they’re more likely to drop stream-of-consciousness brag raps than bars of filth. Having said that, Precise is in possession of a drawl so sleazy that he even makes lines like “Odds beaming, grill shrouded like Jesus/ An atheist? Nah dog I sport Asics” sound seedy. For which he is to be commended. For more info on the pair’s massively slept on full length debut check 1000 Screaming Kamikazi’s check HERE

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