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BLEND MISHKIN & ROOTS EVOLUTION: Wildfire Four years after dropping first long player Survival Of The Fittest, Blend Mishkin & Roots Evolution return with new full-length effort Wildfire continuing their mission to deliver revitalised live roots reggae featuring a rich assemblage of vocalists. One track longer than its predecessor, the LP once again features Skarra Mucci, Gappy Ranks and BnC along with new collaborators Natural Bless, Jay Spaker, Collieman, Daphne Bluebird, Teacha Dee, Bunna, Natural Bless and Studio One legend Carlton Livingstone.

The intro finds Natural Bless deliver his pronouncements in time-honoured, super-stoned island style over ambient sounds of congas and an idly jamming guitar idly before launching into the pulsing Meditation featuring Jay Spaker. And if the LP starts well, the middle is cooking – keep your ears peeled in particular for the Daphne Bluebird-featuring Come Back To Life (which will appeal in particular to those who dig the likes of Hollie Cook and Eva Lazarus) and of course the classic reggae sounds of Get Off We Spot which is the Carlton Livingstone cut. Nor does the end disappoint and one of the monkey’s favourite tracks is the horns-laced Bunna-featuring Get Tight. Oh – and for those who thought they might get some vocals-free instro riddims – there’s even two of those as well with dub versions of Meditation and Get Tight. As Mr Livingston himself says, “Get off we spot/ The place is about to run red hot!”
(Out now on Undisputed Records/ Baco Distribution)

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