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BLEND MISHKIN: Red Eye Riddim (2014)

Red Eye Riddim Blend MishkinWhat do you know? There’s a bit more sunshine around and here’s a bit more reggae in the shape of Blend Mishkin and his forthcoming Red Eye Riddim pack. That’ll be one resoundingly uplifting riddim then and no fewer than six versions from: Gappy Ranks, Lady Ann, Dark Angel, Clinton Sly, Mandinka Warrior and Redwan. With titles like Good Sensi, Boom Draw, Sensi and Herbsman there’s no prizes for guessing the lyrical focus. Mind you, it’s not like Clinton Sly’s Pressure Me lacks references to the ‘erb either. All of which leaves Redwan’s Need You Girl. No references to ganja here but that doesn’t mean he isn’t high. Because he is. On love…
(Out soon on Cast-A-Blast)

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