BLACK ROOTS: I Believe EP (2017) Babylon becomes ever more powerful, ever more rapidly, now is certainly the time for some sort of message of hope. Step forward legendary Bristol reggae outfit Black Roots with their I Believe EP. The band, who have been extant since 1979, team up with St Paul’s emcees Jah Garvey and Buggsy to reinvigorate track I Believe which was originally released on 2012 LP On The Ground. And it’s precisely the sort of life-affirming slab of rootsy bass music you’d expect. Indeed – the very thing you’d look forward to hearing at the St Paul’s Carnival which returns this year. Oh wait. No it doesn’t. It’s been cancelled yet again because it’s so much bigger, more complex and expensive for Bristol City Council to sort out than London’s Notting Hill Carnival which happens every year. Oh wait. No, that’s bollocks. The Notting Hill happens every year despite being much bigger, more complex and expensive. But we digress. Video below…
(Out now on Nubian Records)

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