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BLACK MACHINE: How Gee (Bruno Borlone & Boogie Mike remix) (2014)

How Gee Black Machine Bruno Borlone Boogie MikeHow ‘G’ is Bruno Borlone and Boogie Mike‘s remix of Black Machine’s 1991 Maceo & The Macks 1974 cover of James Brown’s Soul Power sampling How Gee? Well certainly more ‘G’ than Black Machine’s original video which featured that pair of chancers gooning around like a pair of proto Ali G’s even down to the tasteful bright yellow tracksuits. Thankfully BM’s vocals are now mostly either excised or submerged beneath classic hip-hop and funk shoutouts (including JB, appropriately), dirty great slap bass has been grafted on and the percussion given a twenty-first century facelift. Cop it now as part of BB and BM’s Late Night package also featuring previously posted edits Fly Robin Fly and Brick House
(Out now on Sound Exhibitions)

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