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BILL KING: Soul Street

BILL KING: Soul StreetHere’s Bill King’s Soul Street then, on which the father of Jesse ‘Dubmatix’ King (for it is he) steps out on his own for a funky homage to the night club. You remember night clubs – places where social distancing was a physical impossibility and it was all about the music, the drinking and the good times. Anyway, this instro offers layered and soulfully funky grooves that’ll prompt a shimmy
even if you are currently at home, wearing a onesie like Winston Churchill in WW2 pulling an all-nighter a hundred feet below Whitehall. And while the sentiment behind this one (not to mention the groove itself) will strike a chord with many, it’s clearly a bit of a personal journey as well with the cover art featuring a shot Toronto’s King Street where our Bill was wont to play in pre-Covid days of yore at the N’awlins Jazz Bar. Put it on, turn up the volume, close your eyes and pretend 2020 is just a bad dream.
(Out now on 7 Arts)

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