BIG M PRODUCTIONS: Big M Bootie Vol. 10 – 2011

Big Mick goes big in every way on the latest bootleg bomb from his very own label here, giving Jimi, Lulu, Bob Seger and Shirley Ellis the breakbeat workover they always wanted but were too shy to ask for. Hendrix is ushered towards the Balearic big club arena (a la recent offerings from rival stable Manmade Recordings) by the beat on Watchtower (no, really), Lulu and Bob feel like bangers to give things a lift mid-set while Soultime has ‘go out in a blaze of glory’ written all over it. It is with releases such as this that one is reminded of the words of the breakfast show dj on Groundhog Day – “don’t forget to put your booties on!”
(Out now on Big M)

(PRESS RELEASE) Oh my god. Finally it’s BigM Bootie time again! After over one year background work BigM is back upfront with his own mashup and rewind skills on a fine selection of good old and golden nuggets. Four bangers for every funksoul party! You need to have it!
1) Watchtower
Grandmaster J in an unbelieveable pumping and bouncing 4×4 re-touch does the opener with full soul power ahead!
2) Love loves
Classic sounds in a fully rewinded breakbeat soul lady anthem. Thats what’s it all about – Love.
3) On the Eastside
As cranky and dirty as it can be! Revisiting ultracool neon light vibes with straight forward breakbeats and unbelieveable horn power.
4) Soultime
The finish does this sunny powerful 60s rocker on breakbeats to provide the ultimate soultime vibe with the right bounce.

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