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BIG M Presents: More Banging Artists (2011) 12”

Big M’s latest wax project hops between sub-genres like a right beat slut. It delivers an wobbly uptempo Bollywood ghetto funk from Nynfus Corp, a straight up funky breaks version of funky soul staple Hold On I’m Comin’ from Nev Scott & Waynessential, mid-tempo Nu-Yorican breaks from The Breakbeat Junkie and finishes up with Uppercut Continue’s dubstep exploration of ‘that night’ when Charlie Sheen’s crack became famous. Sorry, did I say ‘crack’? I meant pornstar friend. Or maybe it was it was his pornstar friend’s crack. Who knows. And when I say ‘crack’ I refer of course to the drugs, though what actually happened in a room filled with Charlie Sheen, crack and a pornstar is anyone’s guess.
(Out now on BigM)

BigM presents… More banging artists 12″ [BigMP16]
A new various artists record, fresh from the pressing plant finally spins on BigM Productions. With the outstanding names Nynfus Corp, Nev Scott & Wayne Essential, Breakbeat Junkie and Uppercut Continue, another 12″ vinyl guarantees a variety from cranky action breaker over rewind mashup action and wobbling Ghetto Funk over to Dubstep like madness. Get it – physically!

A01) Nynfus Corp – Slamdog Billioner
Our friends from hungary open up with an action loaded, breakbeat driven peaktime burner.
A02) Nev Scott & Wayne Essential – Hold on
The guys slam the breaks on doing some rewind beauty on this golden classic!
B01) Breakbeat Junkie – Don’t stop the bodyrock
Ghetto funked up, this tracks wobbles into your hearts containing lovely cheesiness on a solid floor moving surrounding.
B02) Uppercut Continue – Bangin’ Charlies Rocks
New locals on their first vinyl mission with an experimental dubstep styled cheeky bass explosion.

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