BIG BOSS MAN: Last Man On Earth (single)(2014)

Last Man On Earth Big Boss Man(Album review HERE)
60s psych-beat-funk combo Big Boss Man return on 1 September to re-assert their authority over all things modly with fourth full-length LP, Last Man On Earth. In the meantime you’ll just have to, “Say hello, say hel-lo,” (not like Leslie Phillips) to the second single and title track, Last Man On Earth. “He doesn’t know that he’s not alone”, sings Dusty-esque guest vocalist Princess Freesia over classy soul-jazz percussion and a tinkling harpsichord before filling us in, “Little girl, lit-tle girl/ She’s the last girl on Earth.” Wonder what’s going to happen when those two hook-up? Might not just be the listener who gets filled in. Oohh matron! That’s if the undead don’t get them first…
(Out 15 August on Blow Up Records)

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