BIG BOSS MAN: Do The Backstroke/ Mother’s Earth (Vinyl 7″)

BIG BOSS MAN:  Do The Backstroke/ Mother's EarthFollowing two 45s on Blow Up Records last year, Big Boss Man have just released a new one on Spinout Nuggets – which also released the Cookin’ At The Organ LP by BBM’s organ player and percussionist, Nasser ‘The Bongolian’ Bouzida earlier in ’23. Of the two tracks on this latest vinyl 7″, Do The Backstroke finds the band drop an uptempo slice of fuzzed-up mod-psychedelia – complete with bongo solo (of course!) that’ll work any retro dancefloor. Flipside Mother’s Earth meanwhile is – well – it’s another an uptempo slice of fuzzed-up mod-psychedelia, though this one opens with a bongo solo before tipping its hat to Psyché Rock-era Pierre Henri and features not one but two beatless spaced-out interludes. Listen to both sides consecutively and you’ll start to see everything as if through a purple paisley-patterned veil. Or maybe all that fuzz guitar just blew your cravat up over your eyes…
(Out now on Spinout Nuggets)

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