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BIG BOOM BAP: Dope I Mean (2015)

Dope I Mean Big Boom BapHmm – a crew called Big Boom Bap; a release called Dope I Mean…no…no clue what that’s likely to be. Is not an observation that’s ever likely to be levelled at this – for where it’s coming from couldn’t be more self-evident if G Roc, Vers One and DJ Fresh painted the phrase ’90s-style phat shit’ in fluoro colours on their bare arses. And you’ll be pleased to hear that the release doesn’t fuck around either. This is eight trax on twelve inch wax channeling all your favourite 90s crews but focussing on the imaginary locus where Beatminerz and Tribe intersect delivered with a youthful energy often missing from an area of hip-hop largely populated by a dad demographic – mainly because the three men involved look about half the age of most people still doing boom-bap. For added kudos, expect an appearance from all three members of Soundsci and two remixes – one of which comes from Funk League DJ/ producer DJ Suspect and his homie Doc TMK.
(Out now on Chopped Herring Records)

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