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BEAT BRONCO ORGAN TRIO: Another Shape Of Essential Sounds

BEAT BRONCO ORGAN TRIO: Another Shape Of Essential SoundsAs augured by excellent single Dr Kiffi last month, here is the second long player from Beat Bronco Organ Trio (or just Beat Bronco as they seem to be styling themselves lately) – Another Shape Of Essential Sounds. And yes it does fulfil the promise of that single. Not for the them the ‘first album part 2′ sound of some bands’ sophomore affairs this one finds much of the material on it laced with some degree of the psychedelia present on Dr Kiffi as the Broncos expand the sonic palette of their debut Road Trip.

Indeed it’s Dr Kiffi that opens proceedings though it soon becomes clear that its acid leanings aren’t a one-off when the bridge on Not Yet (which initially comes on like a skippy slice of Hammond funk) provides something a little more psychoactively-influenced. More Space too starts out as a relatively straightforward funk stomper but even before the halfway point suddenly emerges like a train from a tunnel into a fantastical realm of sound. There’s a moment when you think the original groove is back but once you’ve tripped, nothing is ever the same and this one flies it’s freak flag to the end. Enter the frantic Grant Green-ish jazz-funk of Special Party and you wonder where you’ll be taken next only to find that it’s the Blue Note studios circa 1970. Maybe BBOT were just messing with you? After all Outro Lugar is pretty straightforward Blue Note style stuff too while slow-burning blues-organ number Better Together delivers – well – slow-burning organ blues without any of whitey’s long-hair weirdness.  But then comes the face-melting Let’s Talk followed by the pomp-stomp of Lost Avenue, the reverbed-out Sector 3 and more spacey atmospherics meeting an organic-but nonetheless decidedly electronica-style beat of closer One Way. All in all it’s like someone dosed everybody at a Jack McDuff recording session back in the day. In a good way.
(Out now on Rocafort Records)

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