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BASSCHIMP: Kunta Kinte/ Bun Down The Lights

It says here that Basschimp is a ‘Brighton-based swinger bass-jockey’. Luckily for readers, he’s also a dj/ producer too as regulars may have noticed over the last few years. Right now, his latest release is a double helping of dancefloor-influenced breaks in the shape of Kunta Kinte and Bun Down The Lights. The first of these is apparently the more newfangled of the two employing everything from wobble bass to snippets of KRS-One and some fairly unpleasant Django Unchained soundbites while Bun Down The Lights starts off as a more conventional party-starting boom-bap-based reggae-hip-hop bump before sprouting horns and wings to become all twenty-first century with bass drops and bleeping, squealing siren effects woven around a Benny Page loop. You should feel both properly reverberating in the ribcage though.
(Out now on Mustbeat)

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