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BASEMENT FREAKS: ‘Tape Funk’ sample pack

BASEMENT FREAKS: 'Tape Funk' sample packMB regulars will know that over the years Basement Freaks has knocked out a multitude of sample packs for Black Octopus in all kinds of flavours but for Tape Funk, his twentieth (!), it’s something a little bit special. Made as a collab. with Concord Audio, it’s got a title that evokes an era of analogue warmth because the entire contents were run through a vintage tape machine during the tracking process, giving it the tone and character of stuff by the likes of JB, Sly, the Isleys, Gene Chandler and The Chi-Lites  – something of a boon for producers still scouring forty-plus year old funk, soul and disco for samples that haven’t been thoroughly rinsed in the last thirty, I think you’ll agree.  While the pack is drum-focussed (and we’re talking 190 drum loops), you can also expect 56 fills, 11 guitar loops, 35 additional percussion loops, 51 top loops, 30 music loops, 33 percussion one shots, 15 FX one shots, 220 drum one shots and 13 unique, custom played brass section loops that were recorded live with various performers. And if that lot doesn’t help you take it to the bridge, I don’t know what will.
(Out now on Black Octopus)

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