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BASEMENT FREAKS: Soul Intoxication (2013)

It’s nearly time for the next single off Basement FreaksFunk From The Trunk LP. That’ll be Soul Intoxication then. Blimey boys – physical intoxication not doing it for you anymore? Never mind – what does it sound like when your soul gets high then? Well, it’s kind of like sultry wah-wah-driven (nu)funky breaks with a falsetto vocal from Georges Perin really. Also comes remixed by Skaggs complete with crowd-pleasing crowd samples for that ‘live feel’. If that’s not your trip though, Lonely Boy and Tom Drummond are lurking in a corner with some dubbed-out synth-house minimalism and some other evil house concoction respectively – yeahhh – got any pills mate?
(Out 12 August on Jalapeno Records)

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