BASEMENT FREAKS: Funk Master Tools Sample Pack (2016)

Funk Master Tools Basement FreaksQ: How is a reputable producer like Basement Freaks to make his green in a world where it becomes increasingly difficult to make money out of your own tracks?
A: He pulls another sample pack full of fat bass guitar loops, talkbox chops, funk and blues guitar riffs, skankin reggae chords, harmonica riffs, all manner of drums and percussion, and a plethora of funky synth loops out of the bag!

The Funk Master Tools Sample Pack is the ever-reliable Basement Freaks’ second sample pack and produced using a range of stomp boxes and analog production equipment gear and includes nearly 700 sounds. It’ll be particularly handy for anyone into producing their own funk, hip hop, glitch hop, or party breaks. Let’s just hope they don’t get hip to – er – how hard it is to make money out of making your own tracks.
(Out now on Black Octopus Sound)

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