BASEMENT FREAKS: Bombastic Jam (2014) Free download

Bombastic Jam Free downloads Basement FreaksTo old for an advent calendar this year? Why not let Basement Freaks be your supplier of daily seasonal treats? Every 24 hrs from now until the end of the year it’s going to be like ‘night of the funky bassheads’ as George Fotiadis releases another free download of his sadly defunct Bombastic Jam label and adds it to his Bombastic Jam set on Soundcloud. To get you started there are fourteen cuts already on there showcasing the broad tastes of the Basement Freaks empire taking in everything from traditional funky boogaloo (Boogaloo Express) to ghetto funk (BootyFunk) and electro swing – The Swingers Club. Ooerr. Fourteen cuts and a further fifteen to come! That’s more treats than an advent calendar! Start copping them below:

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