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What’s this? Banksy returns to his home town of Bristol and puts on a massive free exhibition? Since Bristol is also’s home town it would be rude and lazy not to pay a visit and thus, after endless moaning about the size of the prodigious queue and dissembling about why he couldn’t go today or tomorrow or the next day, the art gimp was summarily dispatched with strict orders to attend.
According to his own testimony, it was many days and nights before the queue even got from Bristol Grammar School to the corner of Brown’s on Park Street which is, as those who know the route well will testify, an epic trek of a good fifty yards. Once inside however, he alleges it was all worth it. Returning to Monkeyboxing Mansions, he spoke of how too much nonsense has been talked about art for far too long – often by those with ability for little but witless bitching. It is true that Banksy’s work provokes endless discussion – just like the ‘crap’ he famously advised visitors to mind at the Turner Prize exhibition. However, Banksy’s work differs from Turner prize entries in a number of ways. It’s pleasing on the eye, for one. It also demonstrates artistic talent beyond being able to throw together any old shit, write a justificatory placard rich in art bollocks and smugly reply to the punter who indignantly (and usually rightly) points out, “I could have done that!” with “Ahhhhh…. but you didn’t.” Here are some of the highlights…

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