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BAM & MR DERO: On & On (2014)

On   On Bam Mr Dero[RATING: 5] It seems that Austrian DJ/ producer Mr Dero has teamed up with Bam a.k.a. Afrika Baby Bam from Jungle Brothers.
“Oh yes?”
Yep – there’s a single out – called On & On – sample lyrics: “Styles doper than Elvis Presley on barbiturates/ so friggin ill they call it illegitimate” or “You know it’s hip-hop by the sound of my diction/ You know I keep it real, everything non-fiction/ I’m funky that’s the reason why Jane got an addiction…”
“Sounds like the main shit!”
It is. Apparently, there’s a whole LP on the way…
“Blimey! On and on to the break of dawn!”
(Out soon on Tiefparterre Records)

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