BADBOE: ‘The Bullet Jam’ (2014) Free download + video

The Bullet Jam BadboeIt’s hip-hop doo-wop time as Badboe delivers booty mash The Bullet Jam. Basically, Pete Wingfield’s tongue-in-cheek 50s pastiche Eighteen With A Bullet and Missy Elliott’s verse on the Damizza remix of Pariah Carey’s godawful I Still Believe collide over a break on this to create a mood-lightening number, that if not exactly seasonal, at least has a warm glow about it. Not to be outdone as either a remixer or purveyor of pastiche, Boe has commissioned a video that jams together (see what I did there?) as many clips of movie stars packing heat, pulling heat and shooting their clip as is humanly possible to fit into four and a half minutes. How many clips is that? Clue: more than you can get people into a phone box. A lot more. The Bullet Jam is officially shot into the public domain tomorrow along with the video but if you just can’t wait – cop it while it’s hot HERE in the chamber. Cop it below. Vid below that…

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