BADBOE: Pump Up The Funk Remixed (2013)

Ploughing through the vast drift of rival ghetto funk/ breaks remix EPs and albums deluging the monkey’s inbox at the moment is Pump Up The Funk Remixed – whereon every track (except for Bad Mofo) from Badboe‘s entire year-old LP Pump Up The Funk gets the rework treatment from a sackful of remixers. These are, to wit: Kool Hertz, WBBL, The Captain, JPOD, Chudy, Father Funk, Lack Jemmon, Tom Drummond, Kid Stretch, Jiggy Joe, Zenit Incompatible and Slynk. Cue everyone taking a Badboe original and switching up his more old school funk breaks template for somethinng more glitchy, grindy, wobbly or some combination of two or three of these. Chudy‘s version of Green Power Funk is the best of the bunch however, mainly because he takes Badboe’s wobble-bassed original and makes it – well – more like a Badboe track…
(Out now on Breakbeat Paradise Recordings)

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