AWON & PHONIKS feat. HEENI: Profit Off My Pain (2015) Video

Profit From My Pain Awon Phoniks[RATING:5] Profit Off My Pain is taken from Awon & PhoniksKnowledge Of Self EP and finds the duo hitting hard with the mellowest of beats. An acoustic guitar floats over minimal bass and sparse boom-bap drums and Heeni supplies the soaring female vocal hook while Awon gives a name to the kind of shit the man gets away with like racial division and divide-and-rule economics – ‘I want better opportunities for my kids and to be embraced by my community/ Speaking of community, I want some continuity…We got the same blood fam – that ain’t no mistake/ Don’t act like my female ancestors wasn’t raped.’ Well, if you’re gonna stick it to the man, there’s no point pulling any punches. Vid. below.
(Knowledge Of Self is out now HERE)

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