ARTEO: Let’s Party EP (2015)

Let's Party EP ArteoBBP keep up the ghetto funk pressure with a matter of less than a fortnight between Badboe’s very own Ghetto Funk Testament and this EP from Latvian producer Arteo, the title of which doubles as an enticing offer of Let’s Party. Well – why not? It is the festival season. It’ll also keep strickly digi-jockeys happy while they wait for Boe’s wax affair to drop on download. In fact the parallels don’t stop there either as Arteo also makes sure there’s a healthy dose of organic funk amid the synth wobble and the odd acapella here and there with ‘Fiddy’ among others making an appearance. Some use of samples then – or what you might (after noting Arteo’s Latvian provenance) refer to as non-oRiga-nal elements. Players below.
(Out now on Breakbeat Paradise Recordings)

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