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ANDY COOPER: P.A.R.T.Y.Doin’ it for the kids this summer is indefatigable Ugly Duckling and Allergies mic manipulator, Andy Cooper, who it seems has a forthcoming LP out entitled Kid Hop, aimed at children with the intention (it says here) to inform, educate and entertain. Before the album release however comes the release of first single P.A.R.T.Y. which provides the sort of old school – well – party-vibes we’ve come to expect from Cooper over the years. Jumping on a beat which could easily have come off a UD, Allergies or solo LP, our man delivers lyrics capturing the atmosphere of a more innocent time when parties were about if the host has a pool, who’s on who’s team and what the cake is like – as opposed to if the host has a pool, who’s on who’s partner and what the coke is like. Right – who wants to play Twister?

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