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[RATING: 5] A week ahead of next week’s L.I.S.T.E.N. LP release from Andy Cooper comes the video for the title track revealing a number that’ll definitely make you perk your ears up, not to mention open your eyes wide. There’s Andy’s chaingun vocals of course and also the clear visual references to Children’s Workshop TV of the 70s and 80s as a host of AC’s homies don costumes to mime along to this one’s constituent parts. Whose that on the beat though? Dope funky guitar loops, funky vocal sample hooks and a staccato drum break? A few are in the frame for it on this LP – DJ Moneyshot again perhaps – or a certain Young Einstein to name two – but, actually, it’s neither of them.   No, the word on the street is that on this one, the producer was Andy himself.  Not that that should come as a surprise after the sample-fest that was 2017’s The Layered Effect.  The LISTEN LP is out next week on Unique Records.

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