ANDY COOPER: Action! 7″ (2017)

ANDY COOPER:  Action 7Forget Action Bronson, Ugly Duckling’s Andy Cooper has been so busy recently, that there’s a case for his changing his name by deed poll to ‘Action’ Cooper. A tour with Format & Abdominal, a tour and single with The Allergies, a single with Djar One and now this – a new seven inch single on Origu featuring beats made by – wait for it – one Mr A. Cooper. No samples on ’em either though you’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise as our man even likes his own new beats all dusty sounding – and where’s the harm in that? The A-side flips a lyrical call to – er action over a bassy vintage organ riff and a fat break while b-side Don’t Hold The Feeling offers sped-up funky drummer percussion and muted horns while one AC exhorts us to let it all go. Wise words.
(Out 19 June on Origu)

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