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ANDRÉ M: Dodged A Bullet (Vinyl 7″)

ANDRÉ M:  Dodged A Bullet (Vinyl 7Like fellow travellers Big Boss Man, The Bongolian and the Qualitons, André M could surely find no greater happiness than being transported back to 1969 and forced to repeat it in a sort of mod-themed Groundhog Year-type experience for the term of his natural life. But what’s a man do about such an affliction? Seek help for obsessive nostalgia perhaps? What? Are you mental? This is 1969 we’re talking about! What you do, of course, is write Dodged A Bullet – a scorching wah-wah and Hammond-drenched car chase theme from a non-existent TV show that you wish you’d been asked to score. And then write Cat’s Cradle – an even groovier Hammond-drenched dancefloor cut for a club in the city in said non-existent show where all the city’s underworld kingpins and dollybirds hang out. And then release it on vinyl 7″ in the real world. Yeah! Groovy, baby.
(Out now on Spinout Nuggets)

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