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ANALOG SON: Analog Son (2014)

Analog Son LPIt’s funk fusion supergroup time as a motley crew of Denver funk fanatics team up with members of both Soulive and the New Mastersounds (among other assorted other personnel) as Analog Son and give birth to new album named – er – Analog Son. The result of a Kickstarter-funded campaign, the band’s ten-track musical offspring delivers mostly instrumental cuts with nods to the sort of fare that will be familiar to fans of both the Metersounds and Soulive kicking off with lengthy cut The Professor which actually ends up sounding like something The Propositions might have put out. In fact the aforementioned Detroit band are generally a good point of reference for this lot at all. It’s all big horns and lots of squelchy wah-wah although they do occasionally venture off-piste to Analog Island for example where minimal blaxploitation guitar transforms into a John Abercrombie-esque jazz-metal solo. No, really. But let’s focus instead on the fact that, like any contemporary funk project worth its salt these days, Analog son was recorded on vintage equipment (for which read a tape machine) so that this funk from the ‘Mile High City’ achieves maximum 70s authenticity…
(Out 24 June)

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