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ANALOG MUTANTS: Confidence / If Ya Let ‘Em (Remix)(Vinyl 7″)

Analog Mutants are veteran MC Phill Most Chill and DJs Snafu and Grazzhopper who return with another party rocking 45 – Confidence b/w If Ya Let ‘Em (Remix). The A side finds PMC brag-rapping over a beat that opens with a sixties R&B sample before dropping big-ass drums more typically associated with sixties surf rock. Add live sax and organ and you’ve got an unconventional but nonetheless swinging party-starter. Remove this bad boy from the phonograph and put on the other side and you’re greeted with the reliably chunky boom-bap of the flip where our Phill delivers a commentary on being betrayed by those you trust most. If ya let ’em, obviously. Play loud!
(Out now on Nobody Buys Records)

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