ALPHONSE MOUZON: I’m Glad That You’re Here (DON DAYGLOW edit) (2017) Free download

Im Glad That Youre Here Don Dayglow Ewan HoozamiJazz fusion drummer Alphonse Mouzon was perhaps not the most likely person to release late period disco hit I’m Glad That You’re Here in 1981 but he clearly wasn’t a man to be pigeonholed. Someone else who isn’t a man to be pigeonholed is Don Dayglow. Nope, not another hangover from the devil’s own musical decade but the dj/producer hitherto known as Ewan Hoozami who’s just outed himself as a long-time lover of disco, increasingly enamoured of the music that ought not to speak its name. That’ll be house music, then. And you can expect a lot more from the Don in the future (more so than from Hoozami for the ‘forseeable future’ apparently) – starting with a series of disco, nu-disco and house cuts on Midnight Riot shortly. In the meantime, here’s a pumping edit of I’m Glad That You’re Here. Cop it below…

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