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ALEXIA COLEY: ‘The dirty dozen questions’ interview (2014)

Dirty dozen questions interview Alexia ColeyNow the monkey did actually give up on interviews – oohh – over three years ago but because of relentless pressure from Alexia Coley‘s tenacious PR team and because it’s Alexia and because she’s just released a dope funky soul single, the monkey made an exception. And so it was that a ‘dirty dozen’ questions were fielded to London’s latest soul queen. Of course the problem with providing your answers by email is that neither you nor your PR can govern in what ways the interviewer will retroactively modify their questions for the purposes of their own (and readers’) amusement. Fear not though – the monkey was gentle…

1. Funk or jazz?
A big fan of both, depends what mood I’m in.
2. Alexia! The answer is funk obviously. Do try and pay attention. Let’s try another one – Keep The Faith by Bon Jovi or Keep The Faith by Alexia Coley?
Great songs, different styles, but my Keep The Faith as it was written straight from my heart.
3. Right answer – that’s much better! Not sure about your ‘working out’ though. We’ll worry about how Bon Jovi could possibly have written a great song another time. Now then – Nina or Aretha?
Nina: great songwriter, unique voice – although I love Aretha’s voice, she has an amazing vocal range.
4. Truth! London or Bristol?
London. It’s where I was born.
5. Fair enough. Smoove or Turrell?
Smoove for his amazing remixes.
6. Oohh – bad luck John! Smoove lives up to his name again. Let’s get political – UKIP (“putting Britain first”) or Wu-KIP (“putting Shaolin first”)?
7. Of course. Shaolin should always be put first. Vinyl or digital?
Vinyl – authentic, feels good, looks and sounds great!
8. These are too easy! How about something more tricky – or shoes and chocolate?
Of course as I have enough shoes and am not a huge fan of chocolate.
9. Damn! Good answer! Most memorable gig?
Prince at Koko. Three hours of great music with six encores.
10. Six?!! Well he is a big diva. Name five tracks that have inspired you?
Abi Baby – Ethel Coley (Hair)
A Change is Gonna Come – Otis Redding
I’d Rather Go Blind – Etta James
Stairway To The Stars – Ella Fitzgerald
I Wanna Dance with Somebody – Whitney Houston
(I could go on and on)
11. Whitney Houston certainly did – let me stop you there though. What about a top 5 summer playlist?
Drive Me Wild – Alexia Coley
Recipe For Love – Lack of Afro featuring Jack Charles
Heat Wave – Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
Everybody Loves The Sunshine – Roy Ayers
Got To Give It Up – Marvin Gaye
12. Good choices! That Marvin Gaye track’s a particularly excellent shout. Nice to see it get repped since Robin Thicke and Pharrell stole it. Talking of shouts – got any shout-outs?
A big shout out to, Jalapeno Records, Dr. Rubberfunk, Smoove & Turrell, Ripe Tomato Restaurant, Mum, Dad & Daniel.
Awww – big up ya bad self too Alexia!

Alexia Coley’s Beautiful Waste Of Time is out now on Jalapeno Records with a drum-heavy remix from labelmate Smoove. Player below:

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